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Legionella Compliance Services has over 25 years experience in the delivery of water hygiene / water treatment services giving ourselves a great in-depth understanding around both legislative requirements as well as common problems encountered by businesses. This experience together with the expertise knowledge of our team, means we are well placed to offer this vital support service and practical solutions to manage your in-house water systems.

System monitoring and control
Remedial and installation works

Following the cleaning / flushing of water systems LCS are able to maintain the achieved water quality by:

  • Open & Closed water system chemical monitoring as per BG50

  • Open & Closed water system bacterial monitoring as per ACOP L8

  • Open & Closed water system inhibitor and biocide introduction and maintenance as per BG50

  • L8 Compliance

  • Supply of water softeners

  • Supply of dosing pots, dirt/air separators & sample coolers

  • Sampling as per BS8552

  • Polymer flushing to BSRIA BG 29/2020

Once the risks are understood, ongoing monitoring is essential to ensure continued compliance of water systems. Our technicians undertake the monitoring and sampling of water systems outlined in the water hygiene monitoring scheme, these tasks include:

  • Hot and cold system temperature testing and monitoring.

  • Shower descaling and disinfection.

  • Cold water storage tank temperature checks and inspections.

  • Clean and disinfection of cold water storage tanks to BSEN8064.

  • Clean and disinfection of cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

  • Sampling, analysis and interpretation of water for legionella and potability.

  • Calorifier inspection and drain.


We provide a printed electronic site specific log book. As work is undertaken the log book is updated and any areas of concern are addressed immediately through the necessary remedial activities. 

Following the risk assessment and throughout the monitoring programme, remedial work may be required to minimise risks. We will propose solutions, costs and timescales to under take remedial activites.

  • Installation of new hot and cold water systems.

  • Refurbishment of cisterns and pipework modification

  • Supply and installation of booster sets and suitable backflow prevention devices.

  • Installation of calorifiers and thermostatic mixing valves.

  • Tank replacement or refurbishment.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting storage cisterns and water systems in accordance with BS8558.

  • Painting and relining of tanks.

  • Installation of screens, filters and air vents.

All remedial works are undertaken ensuring compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations.


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