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Our team of experts will help you to assess, manage and mitigate risks relating to water hygiene issues, as well as training your staff to understand their responsibilities with regard to water hygiene regulations.

Our services include;

  • Water Treatment Services

  • Water System Monitoring

  • Clean, Disinfection and Descaling of Water Systems

  • Remediation & Rectification Works

  • Plant and Equipment Services

  • Service and Maintenance of TMV's / RPZ Valves

  • Analytical Services 

All water systems are vulnerable to bacterial contamination such as legionella. If left uncontrolled it can potentially lead to an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease which carries a significant health risk and has the potential for long term reputational damage. Under health and safety legislation, businesses are required to

ensure people on or around their site are protected. Our experienced technical team has an in-depth understanding of the regulatory and compliance hurdles that companies face in managing their water systems. We can take this burden and manage the associated risks ensuring that you comply with legislation, leaving you free to focus on your core business.


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