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Ultralox 40 

If you are having problems with recurring Legionella-positive tests, high TVC or Pseudomonas results, LCS has the answer - ULTRALOX 40 (previously known as Abulox).

Whether you want to operate with hot water temperatures below those required by ACOP L8 and HSG 274 to save energy costs; protect users from scalding without the expense of retro-fitting Thermostatic Mixer Valves; or ensure your water system is hygienic and free from bacteria; - ULTRALOX 40 is the answer.

As an odourless, tasteless chemical which is fully approved for dosing into potable water, Ultralox 40 is specifically developed for use in water hygiene and pipework treatment applications, where it quickly eradicates legionella, pseudomonas and other microbes. Ultralox 40 sets completely new standards in legionella control.

Ultralox 40 is a stable active halogen solution, which rapidly kills all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, and is highly effective in breaking down the biofilms which harbour these pathogen.

ULTRALOX 40 (Abulox) offers many advantages over existing water treatment technology

Key Benefits:

  • High levels of microbial control and rapid biofilm removal at low volume concentrations

  • Easy application via single dose system

  • Simple DPD or electronic measurement

  • Low hazard classification

  • Good safety and environmental profile

  • Wide range of regulatory approvals

  • Excellent in use compatibility

  • Long shelf life

  • Cost effective 



Perhaps the most well-known chemical for injection into water systems is Chlorine Dioxide. Ultralox 40 offers many advantages over Chlorine Dioxide. (Ultralox 40 has been registered with the Drinking Water Inspectorate with Approval Confirmation DWI 56.4.1074.)

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